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What do we mean by 'documentary style' and 'non-intrusive'?

To put this simply, it means exactly what you think it means. Documentary style photos are often considered to be the ones you see in the news, documenting real time events in a very neutral manner, and really, that's exactly what we are doing here!

We talk about being 'non-intrusive' 'documentary' style photographers and what we really mean is we allow your day to unfold completely naturally without swaying or controlling any of it. Some bride and grooms hire photographers to create stunning art pieces from their wedding, something you'd expect to see in a gallery or wedding magazine- and whilst there's nothing wrong with that and I love looking at those photos myself, that's not what we do. We hide away in the background, snapping away photos all day, capturing events as they unfold and documenting every secret tear rolling down someones cheek, each smile of pure happiness, each hug and joyful interaction. We try our hardest to be invisible and just let the wedding couple and their guests just enjoy their day.

These could be imperfect photos in the sense of not everyone looking at the camera, not every 'ready' for the photo to be taken, but this is what creates these true memory style images that can help you re-live your wedding day in years to come. These photos capture the little moments rather than only concentrating on the big ones!

And they can even be as silly as this!

These photos aren't all perfect, but they are genuine, they are unposed and they are a real documentation of interactions between your loved ones and yourselves on your special day.

So, really, we are the sneaky camera photographers who capture the moments people don't expect, like this one to the left. True emotion, a little bit of humour and a genuine interaction.

If you have any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to ask!

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