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Do you photoshop our photos?

This is a really quick and small post to answer the burning questions in many peoples minds. The answer is both yes and no. What do I mean by this?

Morgan and I dedicate ourselves to capturing genuine candid moments and emotions. We obviously edit the photo's before returning them to the client, but I'm sure you can see that if you've looked at our gallery as the stylistic editing choices are easy to spot. But do we photoshop? Yes, we do, but not in the way you think of Photoshop. Photoshop has a bad rep, and people automatically get pretty nervous when the word is mentioned around the idea of their wedding, but we don't actually photoshop people in the fashion magazine style manner- instead we improve photos stylistically. What does this mean? This means, we improve lighting, we remove distracting objects, we generally improve the photo so it matches what you remember on the day. I hate to admit this, but cameras lie- a lot.They don't actually capture things as the human eye sees them, struggling to actually get things spot on as you remember seeing it. For this reason, we work hard to ensure your images match your memories, and that involves stylistic editing and photoshopping. Most of the time, you won't even notice we've photoshopped your images as they're not meant to look unnatural, quite the opposite. We also photoshop to work against lighting we can't control. In a studio, we have the control over every single aspect of what we capture and shoot, but this isn't the case on your wedding day, and as we aim to be non-intrusive and invisible in the background we don't take a bunch of fancy lights with us, but instead opt to "fix it in post" as you'll often hear us say. Still unsure? Let me show you some examples of the photoshop we do here. 

Below is a before and after from our most recent wedding. As you can see, Morgan is in this image of the first kiss- now as much as we aim to stay out of each other's way, this often can't happen for us both to get 'the shot' we need, so we photoshop each other out! I'll list the thing's I've photoshopped here so you can see the changes I've made. Our relationship with our clients is built on trust, and we want to stay open and honest with you all so you can trust us!

-Straightened the image

-Photoshopped Morgan out

-Photoshopped the lady between the couple out

-Changed the lighting so the couple are more evenly lit

-Brought back the colours of the bride's dress as it was cast in shadow

-Made the golds and reds look as they actually did on the day, bright, bold and gorgeous

-Edited that little bench out in the left hand side of the image

-Put the grooms trousers back to the correct colour, again affected due to the lighting on the day

-Brightened the whole image 

Here's the finished image.

Hopefully you can see what we mean about Photoshop now. Yes, we do photoshop, but no, we don't edit you, your appearance, your skin, your weight, your makeup, nothing intrusive at all, we just match your images to your memories and what our eyes actually witnessed on the day. I'm more than happy to go through this in further detail and show more examples if people want to, so please feel free to message us if you have any concerns, but hopefully you now understand what we mean by yes and no, we do and don't photoshop!  I suppose this post wasn't as quick and small as I intended but hopefully it's been informative.

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