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I'm planning my wedding and I don't know where to start!

Let me just say, I totally feel you. When Morgan and I got engaged I really didn't know where to start looking, or what I even wanted. So here's a small post about what to do!

-First, sit down with your partner and discuss your dream wedding. This can be discussed without a budget in mind. A real dream, cover every base. As an example, Morgan's dream wedding had Bastille performing. We both know this would never happen but that was helpful as now we know to find a similar genre of wedding band, and not to look at a DJ! Every idea, once written down, can be refined and can help you genuinely plan your wedding, no idea is a silly idea!

-Secondly, don't worry about what others expect! Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, and just you. Your wedding day is just that, yours. Ignore what everyone else wants and think only about what you want. Tradition sucks, and if you're on this blog, looking at our candid style, you probably aren't the most traditional couple anyway! And I mean every word of this. For our wedding, we want a shark cake from Asda. It's a cake I fell in love with years ago and wanted for my birthday but it went out of stock. It's been an ongoing joke for all these years and now we've decided we want a recreation of it for our wedding cake! I'm not kidding. Here's what it looks like.

Image credit: Asda

Now, you don't have to be quite as chaotic in your decisions as we are, but it's also totally ok if you do want to!

-Thirdly, work out a budget. This is even more important to do than setting the date. Why? Some venues may not have your date available, and you need to know your budget to look at multiple venues, same with photographers and other services. Use a variety of websites to work out a rough price for these services to make your budget accurate. Make sure you leave some leeway for hidden costs too, just incase.

-Next, work out how long you have to make the budget work. For example it's currently 2023 at the time of writing, so are you going to get married next year, 2024, or 2025 or even after this? The further your date, the more time you have to make up your budget. Pick a rough date for your wedding but try not to be set in stone. For example, pick ' the beginning to mid August 2025' as opposed to August 8th 2025. This allows for you to make things work.

-Finally, download the Hitched app. This app is amazing (coming from a bride to be who uses this app herself). This app will give you a checklist of things to book, as well as links to suppliers of every kind, and a count down to your chosen wedding date! You can also try to find local wedding fairs to give even more inspiration!

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