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Who are we, what do we get up to and why us?

So, I'm hoping you've read our 'about us' section. If not, that's no worries, here's a quick run down:

-We are a couple run business

-Our names are Libby and Morgan (but don't worry if you forget!)

-Libby has a first class honours degree in Commercial Photography 

-Morgan has worked with the BBC and S4C, also holds an A-Level in Photography (not trying to show off but we are pretty cool like that)

I mean, that's really paraphrasing but that's the general gist of it! 

What is different about this wedding photography business to others?

This business is all about creating a safe space for any and all couples to celebrate their love. Our packages are different to many others as we offer two photographers instead of just the one for the same price, this means we can capture all the love from many different angles. Being a couple ourselves, you could say we have the 'psychic ability' to communicate without talking, and ensuring we work well together as a team to capture all the memories of the day. 

Here at Constellation, we focus on capturing candid, documentary style photos. What does this mean? This simply means don't worry about standing posed in front of the camera for ages, we won't make you do that! We are all about photographing genuine emotion and connection, which means un staged and unposed photos! We are looking for the secret happy tear rolling down the father of the bride's face when he thinks no one is looking, the joy and laughter at the inevitably dreadful best man's speech (no offence to any best men out there, but it's kinda your job to make both the best and most cringy speech), and the genuine emotion fuelled events of the day. We want you to look at your photos in years to come and re-feel all the emotions of the day, reliving it. We are all about capturing anything goofy, anything fun and everything about you and your special day.

Image here from Megan and Mac's wedding, a speech was promptly interrupted by this little one, although the other children seemed less impressed!

Image here of everyone enjoying the bubbles at Mike and Davina's wedding

We also offer some special packages that you won't find in some other photographers packages such as 35mm photography. Libby has a small obsession with analogue cameras and has quite the collection, always playing with new ones that do weird and wonderful things. Thanks to this love for analogue, she owns a high end SLR perfect for capturing more 'vintage' and 'rustic' images of your day! These images can be added to your package for an extra price, where you will get high resolution scans provided with the rest of your images from the digital cameras. This means no worrying about developing it, looking after negatives, scanning them in, it's all done for you, you just get the pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves) analogue outcomes to add something different and unique to your album. Alongside this, if you book our full day package you'll get 5 genuine Polaroid prints of your special moments, perfect for putting on the refrigerator, in small frames or even gifting to loved ones.

What's not to love? Of course, if you have any questions about anything said here, please don't hesitate to contact us!

In a nutshell we:

-Are an inclusive wedding photographer

-Offer 35mm and Polaroid images of your special day

-Do candid, authentic and non-posed wedding photography

-Provide two photographers for the price of one

-Travel all over the UK

-Are pretty awesome (not to brag, but we totally are)

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