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About Libby

Hi, so I'd just love to add a section about myself (selfish I know) and talk about my photography to date, before we created Constellation Weddings. This will only be a small blog post, I'd just like to highlight something I am incredibly proud of.

I have spent the last 4 years of my life (including the entirety of COVID-19) studying Commercial Photography for Fashion, Advertising and Editorial. This is a super long name, I know, so I just tend to refer to it as Comm Photography for ease and to save the tongue twister. From this I managed to get a first class BA(Hons) degree, which I am chuffed to bits with!

Why did I want to tell you about this?

Well, I just want to highlight my photography career to date and let you know what kind of person I am. You can find all my previous and personal work at This website demonstrates the best of all my degree work, commission work and personal work. Throughout my degree I have focused on exploring topics such as feminism, toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes and queer representation. As a pansexual woman myself, I have noticed that a lot of my friends in the LGBTQIA+ community aren't represented, hence my exploration of these topics. For my dissertation, I explored the title "representation of binary norms in 21st Century Western advertising, its harmful effects and why it needs to change'. For my FMP (Final Major Project) I followed suit with this theme and created a magazine dedicated entirely to individuals not represented in society. This magazine came in two parts, with the first part being a collaborative photographic portrait, representing individuals and their gender identity how they wish to be seen, and the second part was a documentary series of images looking at drag queens getting ready. This FMP had me awarded the 'Conceptual' award by my course, for exploring in depth topics throughout my degree that resonated with me personally and topics not many others have explored before. You can see this magazine and dissertation at if you really want to, but I don't blame you if not!

Me, looking very happy with myself.

I also want to note my other biggest achievement with my work, and that was having some of my personal protest documenting work in The Box in Plymouth, our museum and gallery. This work was very personal to myself and the people of Plymouth at the time, where the protest was about Ending Violence Against Women in response to a local event. Very deep topic for a wedding blog, I know, so I won't go into it further.

Bored? Yeah, me too! I just wanted you guys to get the general idea of who I am!

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