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An Autumn Swansea Wedding

Morgan and I got a last minute message asking us if we could come and cover a wedding in a few days time, and of course we said yes! We totally understand there's a variety of reasons there may be a last minute booking- and that's ok with us- we are always ready to go.

We headed up to Swansea in early October not knowing what to expect. Last minute photography can be a scary concept to many (both photographers and the wedding couple), as things aren't planned out as much as you'd like them to be. Before the day we usually send helpful checklists and little forms to fill out so we know exactly what you want for your day. This usually helps both us and you guys feel relaxed and ready for the wedding, knowing a rough timeline can help with the smoothness of covering events. 

However, as we focus so much on the candid and capturing of genuine emotion, and avoiding the heavily posed imagery, we don't necessarily need the timeline or pre-wedding documents to create the beautiful images we do (sounds big headed, I know, but I think the images speak for themselves). We cracked on and fit in around the day as it was already planned, staying as invisible as possible and simply documenting the events as they progressed. For this wedding, we started at Bridal Prep and continued on to the end of the ceremony, where we parted ways with the couple so they could enjoy their reception as a more intimate and private function. 

Bridal Prep.

We met the bride for the very first time in her home, where the atmosphere was bustling with excitement and happiness. We both went to work quickly learning everyone's names and documenting the preparations as they went forward. Our main goal in our wedding photography is candid story telling- we aim to produce a gallery that demonstrates the day and allows both the couple and loved ones to relive it, and those that weren't there to feel like they were and haven't missed a thing. I've screenshot the Bridal prep section of the gallery we returned to this couple to demonstrate the timeline look we provide as you can see above.

I know one of the biggest concerns people have surrounding bridal prep is, will they fit in my house/hotel room/venue? I know there's two of us, so it may seem like your space may be too small, but we work around it, you and each other. Our job as photographers is to capture your day, and whilst one of us is in one room capturing one thing, the other could be in another room capturing something else, or even the same event from a different angle! And don't worry, we don't forget the smaller details either.

The Ceremony.

Now, onto the Ceremony. Admittedly, the light was a challenge here- I know, I know. You don't want to hear about what's challenging when you're hiring a photographer, but we prefer to be open and honest about our work (and also, I'd quite like to show off how well we handled difficult lighting as I'm quite proud of us!) Now, I'm not going to outline the ceremony in detail, as I think each ceremony is a little bit personal and unique, but I would like to share this single image from it that encapsulates it.

After the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, we of course did the usual and got the traditional group photos (we do still do these but you don't have to if you don't want to, please see our group photos blog post for more information). We then took the couple away from the excitement of their guests and allowed them to have some alone time on a beach a five minute walk away. It's important to remember it's your day, and taking a few moments out to spend some alone time together as newly weds (and if you want, having some couples photo's taken) is important, as much as your guests would love to spend every moment with you; allow yourself some calm. Your special day will pass quicker than you expect it to, so taking little moments just for you two is not only important but fundamental- it is your day after all! 

Here's the final photo of this blog post, and it's the newlyweds enjoying that moment of quiet reflection to really process their marriage and the love they feel for each other. I want to thank these two for being so wonderful on the day, and treating Morgan and myself like family. I'd also like to wish them happiness throughout their marriage and future together. You were wonderful to spend the day with. Thank you for sharing your love with us.

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