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A wedding at the aquarium

In 2022, we had the honour of photographing Becky and Matt's wedding at The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. The couple got married in a local church to them, St Peter and The Holy Apostles, which offered a light and airy feel to a traditional ceremony, and whilst emotions were high and everyone was over the moon for the newly weds, we all transferred across to the aquarium for the reception, and boy did this provide some amazing photos. 

The aquarium itself doesn't change much for a wedding reception, the lighting is still low so that the fish aren't disturbed, but huge tables and chairs, dressed beautifully in white greet you when you enter the main room with the largest tank. This low lighting inspires a real fun party mood, whilst the fish add an atmosphere to a wedding that was truly unique. 

Everything glistened in the low lighting of the aquarium, and guests were thrilled to watch the fish as they swam by. Everyone was then treated to the reception food, which was served in front of the shark tank in another room, and came back to dine and do their speeches surrounded by a multitude of different marine life. 

It was all the small details here that mattered, and the ability to capture the day with so many fish in the background really made it.

There were also plenty of opportunities to photograph some really unique moments such as this shark above the cake!

Finally came time to get some photos of the bride and groom together. We moved to the shark tank for this, and really just focused on capturing the newlyweds interacting with the environment around them. Our whole focus here at Constellation Weddings is to capture genuine interactions and candid style photos, which worked perfectly here by the shark tank.

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